Much of our childhood is characterized by school. Lasting more than a decade of our lives, schooling provides us with a base and foundation, on which we build the rest of our lives.

It is during this time in our lives that we get to learn about ourselves, the world around us, the skills necessary to survive and just about everything else under the sun. It is through these skills that we are able to move forward in life to become productive members of society.

If there is one thing that is exciting for kids with regard to schooling, it would be their books. Whether they actually like the actual subject would be secondary, but they certainly like personalizing it.

Almost any student that you meet will love decorating his or her book. It is something which personalizes that which would otherwise be a standardized piece of stationery just like everything else. Thanks to the multitude of designs, artworks and shapes, book labels are probably one of the most personalized of all stationery items that you can ever come across at your local store. In fact, this unique nature of the labels is what makes them popular among kids as well as anyone else who uses them.

You can observe this popularity at the beginning of the new year, when the new books are purchased. Most of the kids are usually excited to get the books wrapped up in brown paper and then stamped with their name and other information on it.

It is here that book labels come into prominence. They are in fact a big rage at the start of every single academic year. Given that there are a lot of students eager to get their books wrapped up and ready for the coming academic year, it would be no surprise to know that book labels are a fairly popular piece of stationery.

When it comes to labeling the books, the kind of book labels that you get are nowhere near what we would like to have. On the contrary, we are restricted in terms of choice, colors, design and everything else that define these personalized indicators of ownership.

This is where Oshiprint can be of help. One of the more established printing services in the India, the company has come out with several innovative design solutions for book labels. Instead of having to choose the same boring designs over and over again for the books, with the same label design being shared by multiple kids, you could go for something a bit more personalized and unique.


The process of designing the labels is fairly simple. You will need to go to the website and select the appropriate details. These include the background, graphics, your customized photo and the necessary adjustments.

In addition to this, there are several hundred predesigned templates that you can use for the customized labels. This will save you a great deal of time, if you are interested in getting unique labels without the hassles of having to design the label graphics.

After you are done with making the adjustments, you can get place an order for the finished product. On receiving the order, we will get started with the actual printing process and have it dispatched on the very same day. The printing process will take less than a day to get delivered, especially if you happen to be living in Bangalore.


Apart from this, do feel free to check out many of the other products and services that are currently on offer by Oshiprint.

Among these are personalized birthday invitation cards that pretty much work on the same principle as the book labels that you just read about.


As a whole, if you are interested in making your child’s schooling experience all the more special, try out the customized labels.

It will surely put a smile on both you as well as your child.